Sundays 9am & 11am
Ages 6 Months - 5th Grade

Welcome to Harvest Kids!

At Harvest Kids we love to have FUN from Bible Stories all the way to Worship! We love to teach our Children about how Jesus loves us and how He is our Forever Friend! We love to help our Children understand Bible based lessons from videos and dances all the way to handle built crafts and snack time!

Age Group Rooms

Nursery (6 M. - 2 Yo.)

City Shakers   (2-3 Yo.)

Splash (Pre K.- Kindergarten)

Jumpkids (1st-5th Grade)

Here at Harvest Church Kids we make it our priority to provide
 a FUN and safe place for our Children. We provided age appropriate toys
and activities all while learning all about Jesus!

We have some AMAZING volunteers here at Harvest Church in our KidMin Department.
Everyone who comes to Serve in the KidMin department has undergone a background check.
We also provided a safe Check In, and Check Out process here at Harvest Church so we can provided a sense of safety and that your children are in great hands. 

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Covid Procedures

All Classroom and toys are disinfected after each service to prevent the spread of germs. Children also have stickers provided for them either green, yellow, or red to let us know how to properly engage with them during this time. 

Check In & Check Out

All Children must be checked in by one adult. After your child is checked in you will receive two stickers. The first one has your child's name on it which will be placed on them with a specific number, and another label with the same specific number to give to the leaders when picking up your child from their classroom.  

Medical Conditions / Allergies

When checking in your child at the connect desk please let us know if your child has any conditions so we may put it in their profile, and on their personal name sticker. This allows our Leaders and volunteers to know who has allergies/medical condition's. We also do not provided peanut products. 

If we need to contact you

If we should ever need to get in contact with you about your child we will send you a via text message from our system that their checked in with. Please make sure the phone number that is given is the right phone number to get in touch with. 

Sick Child Policy 

Please do not check your child in if:
  • A fever of 100 degrees or higher.
  • Diarrhea or Vomiting, currently or within the last 24 hours—no matter what the cause is(medication, teething, etc.)
  • Common cold (from onset through one week)
  • Sore throat, constant cough or croup.

What Do I need to Pack for My Child

  • Nursery/City Shakers: Diapers and wipes are not necessary to bring for those are provided by the church. We only ask parents to please pack an extra pair of pants in case of an accident, and a sippy cup if your child prefers one. 
  • JumpKids: We encourage our kids in JumpKids to bring their Bibles. That way everything they learn in class they can do at home.