212 is the boiling point of water.  211 is just really hot.  Too many people stop at 211 degrees with their dreams, marriage and in their finances not knowing they were only one degree away from getting there.  The number of worshippers was 212 in the tabernacle 24-7.  There are 2-12 hours a day & night.  12 is the number of government.
We feel like many of us, for the past few years, have been “hot” but God wants us to boil over with his blessing, and  be a blessing to our community. With additional resources we can do that. And that’s what the 212 initiative is all about: giving to God through Harvest Church to make Jesus famous around the world and in our own hometown.  So help Harvest Church Love the Hell out of Mobile, Alabama.  Our vision is to bring Jesus into the lives of everyone in the Mobile Community.