Living in the Balance of Grace & Faith

Location - Zoom only -Tuesdays at 7 pm

Description -  Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you deal with this balance on a daily basis. For each of us personally, it comes down to which part is God's & what part is ours. The Bible reveals this balance & as we receive God's Word thru this study, I believe the Lord will share many life-changing truths with you!

Location - Online meeting only - Meetings & times to be determined

Description - This online group will expand on the message presented by our Pastors the proceeding Sunday while covering weekly questions & topics that arise from the group.  We will encourage each other & look at ways to unite our congregation as we work together to fulfill God's calling on our lives.


Location - Thursdays at 7pm on the Harvest Campus

Description -  A Holy Spirit led Bible Study for teens & young adults.  Each week we will pray & ask the Holy Spirit what He wants to reveal to us & study just that!  So bring your Bible, cute notebooks, highlighters & pens and let's get comfy & dive in!


Location-  Wednesdays at 6 PM on the Harvest Campus

Description-  Join us as we come together & learn how to partner with God in prayer.  Come & be a part of God's effort to bring His will to pass in the earth todeay through prayer!


Location-  Thursdays at 6 PM on the Harvest Campus

Description-  Join us as we find & discuss principles found in the Book of Proverbs that are for all men & women of every age & every walk of life!